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Vulcanized fiber tube wrapped with fibre glass ,fuse holder tube


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 Vulcanized fiber tube wrapped with fibre glass ,fuse holder tube

As Name: complex tubing of epoxy resin fiberglass & Vulcanized Fiber or Tubes FORBON Combination, complex tubing of vulcanized fibre epoxy resin fiberglass (silk or cloth)/fuse tubes arc-quenching/Vulcanized fibre tube wrapped with fibre glass

Size: ID*OD Wall Thickness Color :Grey,Red,Yellow,White
Can produce various Size or Color according per customer’s requirements.
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Description :
Material: Import epoxy resin, fiberglass silk, vulcanized fiber tubes . uses a combination of insulating materials. A core of Vulcanized Fibre is overwrapped, by filament winding, with a fiberglass-epoxy shell. The angle of wind is optimized to provide a finished tube with good tensile and burst strength.The eliminated arc complex tubing of epoxy nonalkali fiberglass forms in the process which nonalkali fiberglass gauze dipped epoxy resin liquor twists the steel paper tubing,then is solidified. the fuse tube is fabricated by winding a filament-wound glass-epoxy outer tube over an inner tube of vulcanized fiber that provides the arc-quenching propertiesThe product is widely used in the fusion tubing of high pressure fallen fusion box design. With good machinability, the product can be sawed, cut, bored, and roped silk. All this machinability does not cause flaws like crackle, bedded structure, desquamation etc. All specification can be made-to-order. The color of inner tubing contains red and gray. The color of outer involves red, yellow, white, green and gray. The surface of the complex tubing is daubed proof-ultraviolet coat

Item Unit Claim
Density g/cm3 >1.6
Water Absorption % <0.5
Cut strength Pa(kg5/cm2) >78.4×103
Curved strength >1569×103
Pressure strength >883xx103
Compressive Strength, Axial
(Pressure five minute with normal voltage) Thickness of the wall


KV 14
Surface resistance coefficient(500V) Ω >1.0×1012
Volume resistance coefficient(500V) Ω x cm3 >1.0×1012
At the frequency No. 50 medium dawdle corner tangent % <0.05

Application: Used widely for electrical fuses, where the quenching and insulating properties of the FORBON core and high strength.such as cut-out fuses,arc extinguishing,Fuses,circuit breaker etc.  meet certain conditions; establish a batch of Makerspaces to bolster the development of real economy; construct a number of bases for the cultivation of talents for technology transformation; bolster 10,000 specialized talents for technology transformation; set a target for trading volume for technical contracts to reach 2 trillion yuan.


The plan released a pack of sci-tech achievements in the fields of information networking, intelligent manufacturing, modern agriculture and modern resources, which can promote investment and drive industrial upgrades.

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