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It is made of bonding several layers of pure cotton pulp in zinc chloride solution andthen “washing” to leave behind a durable, chemical free, environment friendly product which contains no resins or bonding agents. Vulcanized fibre can be make into different forms- rolls, coils & sheets. The electrical grade of vulcanized fibre is also referred to as “fish paper” sometimes. Our vulcanized fibre from 0.25mm to 10mm thickness in rolls & sheets. We have full in-house slitting facilities and supply coils/strips as per your needs.
Vulcanized Fibre applies in washers, insulating plates, switch and appliance insulation, electric motor insulation, abrasive discs ,gaskets,textile bobbins & shuttles, automobile parts, luggage, patterns,Fuse Tubes, Circuit breakers, Railroad track insulation, Bushings for motor contacts, Lightening arresters and many other applications.
1– Vulcanized fibre series:
1.1 Abrasive disc backing Vulcanized fibre.
1.1.1The Abrasive Vulcanized fibre.Main specification contains 0.8 mm;1.0 mm.1.2 mm
1.1.2 Dark green Abrasive the Vulcanized fibre.Main specification contain 0.6 mms;0.7 mms;0.8 mms;0.85 mms;.1.0 mms five kinds .
1.2, Insulating of Vulcanized fibre.
1.2.1 The red Vulcanized fibre.Main specification contains 0.5mm;0.7mm;0.8mm;0.85mm;1.0mm;1.2mm;1.5mm;2.0mm;2.5mm;3.0mm,4.8mm,6.0mm,8.0mm,10mm,12mm etc…
1.2.2 The black Vulcanized fibre.Main specification contains 0.5mm;0.7mm;0.8mm;0.85mm;1.0mm;1.2mm;1.5mm;2.0mm;2.5mm;3.0mm,4.8mm,6.0mm,8.0mm,10mm,12mm etc..
1.2.3 The gray Vulcanized fibre.Main specification contains 0.5 mm;0.8 mm;1.0 mm;1.4 mm;1.6 mm, 2.0 mm
1.2.4The white Vulcanized fibre.Main specification contains 0.25 mm;0.3 mm;0.5 mm;0.8 mm;1.0 mm;1.2 mm;1.4 mm;1.6 mm, 2.5 mm 3.0mm etc..
1.2.5. The brick red Vulcanized fibre.Main specification contains 0.5mm;0.7mm;0.8mm;0.85mm;1.0mm;1.2mm;1.5mm;2.0mm;2.5mm;3.0mm,4.8mm,6.0mm,8.0mm,10mm,12mm etc..
1.3 Slive cans of Vulcanized fibre.The main specification contains 780×1250×1.2mm;870×1250×1.2mm;1000×1250×1.4mm;1330×1250×1.5mm;1500×1250×1.5mm;1980×1250×1.8mm,3300*1250*2.0mm etc..
1.4 .Welding mask Vulcanized fibre.Main specification contains 1.0 mm; 1.2 mm.
1.5 The shoe industry processes to use the red Vulcanized fibre.,the Main specification contains 0.4 mm,0.5 mm..
Above five Vulcanized fibres have two kinds of packing form., one is sheet ,the other is roll.
2– Thin insulating paper fish paper series:
2.1 Thin insulating Vulcanized fibre.
2.1.1 The true colors is thin to Vulcanized fibre.Main specification contain 0.13 mms;0.18 mms;0.20 mms;0.25 mms;0.30 mms;0.38 mms;0.40 mms;0.45 mms, 0.50 mms nine kinds of.
2.1.2 The red is thin Vulcanized fibre.Main specification contain 0.2 mms;0.25 mms;0.30 mms;0.40 mms;0.50 mms, 0.80 mms six kinds of.
2.1.3 Green thin Vulcanized fibre.Main specification contains 0.10 mm;0.12 mm;0.15 mm;0.17 mm;0.20 mm;0.22 mm;0.25 mm;0.30 mm;0.40 mm, 0.50 mm.
Above four types contains two kinds of packing form : sheet and roll

Meanwhile , we can produce many “non-metal” gasket, it can be tamping ,Die Cutting, Slitting / Shearing into kinds of types , insulation end-plate for motor roller, stator clapboard, adjusting washer, separated gasket, insulating paper tubes, and we can do the irregularity gasket, according to the drawing,



2、tensile strengthportraitkg/cm2≥600640
3、Peeling strengthg/cm≥200260
4、Water absorption rate%≤6051
6、Water absorption rate%6-109
7、resistivity vol.Ω.cm≥1*1083*108
8、Electrical equipment intensitykv/mm≥3.04.5

Thickness:0.6mm to 10.0mm

Type:sheet AND roll

Outer diameter of rolled VULCANIZED FIBREmm350-450350-450
Inner diameter of rolled VULCANIZED FIBREmm100100
Standard Number for material QB/T2199-1996QB/T2199-1996
Material thicknessmm1.0-2.00.5-0.9
Thickness and deviationmm±10%±10%
Intensity ≥g/cm21.151.1
Peeling strength of inner layers ≥N/cm200200
TransectKN/cm2Vertical 5.55.5Vertical 5.55.5
Tensile strength≥ Horizontal3.0Horizontal3.0
Zinc chloride content ≤%0.20.2
Water absorption rate ≤%6565
Moisture ≤%6-106-10
Ash ≤%33
Electrical equipment intensity ≥KV/mm56

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